Tips to Hiring A DJ

If you are booking a Wedding for example, you should book your entertainment at least 10 months early or more.  Events book up very fast and often are booked 2 or more years ahead of time, especially if a specific disc jockey is requested. 

Be sure that the Disc Jockey Company you hire has liability insurance on file and provide proof of such.  Most Facility/Reception Hall’s require this to be provided by the Entertainment Company or host.  Liability Insurance should be for at least one million dollars in coverage which should include injury and fire damage coverage. 

Make sure to check as many references as you can to make sure your entertainer’s qualified, as many false testimonials are displayed online from local entertainment companies in Southern Maryland.  Be sure that the company has had many years of experience with your type of event along with planning materials, song suggestions and other tools to help you in the planning stages.  This will not only provide peace of mind, but will ensure that your event is in the hands of a qualified entertainment professional. 

This should be a given with the business of entertainment, however all to often, I’ve received calls for a last minute event for a disc jockey who canceled.  Even worst, with them not showing up at all and ruining that couples special day.   A contract should be signed by both parties and a deposit amount should be included to reserve your event date.  Further your disc jockey should be willing to meet with you in-person, to speak with you about your event and help you plan accordingly. Be sure to read all terms/conditions and ask any questions you may have before signing anything. 

Both of these situations are rare, but do happen.  You certainly don’t want your event ruined because of poor planning.  Make sure that they do carry back-up equipment with them on site and that there is a plan in case of any type of emergency. 

Again, depending on your event, this can range from khaki pants and a company polo shirt, to a tuxedo.  Be sure that you discuss your disc jockey’s attire ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.  If you are planning a wedding and your disc jockey doesn’t’t own a tuxedo or formal attire, be very cautious as to the experience that they may have doing your event type. 

If you’re not having a coordinator assist you with your wedding, then it is the disc jockey’s job to keep everything moving.  You should be provided pre-planning material such as an introduction sheet and questionnaire for your event.  This adds the very structure of your event and any professional disc jockey company will use these for any type of event.  Planning is key, so be sure the company you choose will act as your coordinator on your event day.

As with any service provider, this depends on their over-all performance, including customer service and their assistance in all aspects of your event.  If you are satisfied with your entertainer’s performance, then the typical gratuity is 15%-25% of your total bill.  Gratuity is always appreciated and reassures your disc jockey of your satisfaction.  

This question is often the first that is asked by most customers, which is why I’ve saved it for last.  Once you are satisfied with the above answers from a Disc Jockey Company, you will see that you can’t put a price on overall piece of mind.  Your entertainer isn’t just there for a (4) hour event for example.  Weddings require at least 12 or more hours to be put into them.  Everything from preparing the introduction sheets, music selections, travel/setup times, vendor coordinating, client meetings and more should be taken into account.  According to the American Disc Jockey Association (www.adja.org), the average cost for disc jockey services in North America is between $350.00 – $5000.00 or more, depending on the event.

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